Spanish police arrest 10 minor league players involved in falling balls

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Spanish police have arrested 10 players in the City’s second division. Who were involve in the result lockdown in some of the large stakes games.

Spanish newspaper El País reported on Wednesday that Spain’s national police have made arrests for players in the Segunda, Tercera and Tier 5 leagues involved in the raids. Falling down the ball It operates under the name ‘Operation Conifera’.

According to the report, police are carrying out arrests for players in southern and western Spain. Including Badajoz, Sevilla, Almeria, Cádiz and Sanlucar de Barrameda. dez). Following Operation ‘Operation Conifera’ in collaboration with Europol. And Interpol to monitor players. Who have been order or hired to lock the outcome of certain ufabet games. With a large number of bets place.

This is Spain’s first legal action against result-locking since 2014. When Xavier Torres and Antonio Amaya were award football commissions to lock results. While they are still playing at Real Betis.

“The process has already shown very promising effects in terms of the play of the game on the field,” he said. “Batting average, slugging percentage, all those offensive categories have improved. Strikeouts are down, base on balls are down. We have not seen any material increase in players being hit by pitches. Those are all huge positives for us.”